Are you 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility?

Infertility is one of the hardest journeys my husband and I have walked yet. For four years we tried everything, but IVF to get pregnant. I lost myself, friendships, and almost my husband in the process

I didn't care what I took or what test was ran on as long as it had a glimmer of a chance, then I did it. I even took a form of chemotherapy! Many women today take this not knowing it is chemotherapy. For some it works, for others it's money down the drain. Infertility is expensive. Many have thousands wrapped up in debt before they even get a baby.

I was not living a healthy lifestyle at this time either. I was miserable and not making smart choices. By the time my kids arrived I was ecstatic, but miserable from all the junk in my system. All the hormones pumped in me led to poor food choices. All the poor food choices led to bloat, poor energy, and honestly it affected my future fertility. Are you aware of what's around you that is causing fertility problems?

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I was shocked!

Everyday products and the food I was consuming were causing my infertility.

This was NOT okay with me. This has to stop. Why are we choosing products and foods that are making it harder to get pregnant?

Because we don't know any better! How can you change the unknown. You can't. This is why I started doing workshops that will walk you though the top areas to change. It is broken down to easy weekly steps that take the stress off your shoulders.

It takes 3 months to clean up the ovaries and the same time frame to grow 'super' sperm. Yes you can't forget the man! He is half of this child and his role is just as important as yours. 

These 60 minute workshops you will learn about what foods to eat and avoid, as well as what products are causing infertility. The added bonus is learning what key areas that often get overlooked with going through infertility. Dive in to learn more!



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