Infertility is Emotional & Stressful

All Aboard The Infertility Rollercoaster train! Am I right? No matter how long you have been on this train the minute you think you have it under control is the minute it all falls a part again​Baby announcements, a pregnant belly, or unwanted sexual advice from Aunt Judy add to those ups and downs. Somewhere along the way you have lost yourself. 

Who is this person in your body? You can't even recognize yourself anymore. Short tempers, hurtful words, and shutting yourself off from society are just a few things you slowing start to find yourself doing. We are imperfect and all that negativity, as well as bitterness, can leave deep wounds. Those wounds will surface every time we feel out of control.

Knowing removing that negativity and forcing yourself to look at a your life right now in a different way is key to finding happiness. We all want to be loved, cherished, and valued. It's time to get yourself back!

Hands Up

You Matter!

You can't fix any relationship around you unless you dig deep and work on yourself first.

You were born in perfection. Your body is uniquely made. Does it have flaws? Yup! But does that flaw define you in a way that controls your life? It shouldn't. 

If you overtime don't take care of your mental wellbeing, then it will start to respond in quick, hurtful out lashes that leave wounds on the others around you. You have to keep working on you to see your strength right now, so you can live life to the fullest today.

Life has enough hardships.. Don't destroy yourself with negativity.

I seen my marriage fall a part and it started with ME! I, singlehandedly, almost destroyed my dream of a happy marriage and family. I remember one day removing the negative thoughts and bitterness only to find a marital foundation stronger in hatred and resentment then in love and grace.​

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Are you ready to Break up with Negativity?