Marriage Are Hard Work!

Infertility puts even more pressure on for a season. No matter how long you have been married the minute you stop working on it is the minute it all starts to fall a part. ​Even the best of marriages have their ups and downs. But the best marriages have fun with a sprinkle of smoldering desire for more. 

Financial strain, infertility, health issues, and career stress are a few stressors that can arise leading to short tempers, hurtful words, and a decline in intimacy. We are human and negative words, as well as negative action, can leave deep wounds. Those wounds will surface when we least expect it.​

Knowing what is causing those emotions to rise up and talking with the one person you should be putting first, your spouse, is key to breaking down barriers. We all need someone to love, cherish, and value. Is that your spouse?

Loving Couple

It better be!

Your number ONE person should be your spouse, not your job, best friend, or parent.

When you said your marriage vows you are committing your life to another person. ​You are two strands wrapping together to make a strong cord.

If you overtime don't take care of that cord, then it will start to fray and eventually come a part. You have to keep working together to maintain that strength.

Life has enough hardships.. Don't destroy the marriage from the inside as well. 

Our marriage was almost destroyed from years of medical debt, infertility, and a lack of communication. I remember one day telling my husband that I felt like I had to divorce him. We were at rock bottom and roommates at best.​

I offer married couples intimacy challenges though out the year that build a deeper intimate connection with their spouse. I will be offering different challenges and webinars as the year goes on. To know when the next one is happening please fill out the form below to get on my email list. Or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Are you ready to Break Up with Infertility?