Infertility creates doubts in who you are, it splits friendships, and it can break a marriage.

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This is why...

I Give...

Tools to work through
of the struggle

I'm here to take the heavy weight off your shoulders, point you in the right direction, and give you hope to continue strengthening your marriage and support your fertility journey. 

I offer...

Hope in the Darkness

I'm a Christian and use faith within the process. Regardless of your beliefs, you have to have some kind of hope to help you get through the rough moments of life. For me, God helps me find balance to the emotional instability. 

I Help...

Marriages pull through the 
family building years

Your relationship takes a back burner when you are dealing with stress, illness, and infertility. I'm here to help keep your marriage strong and keep the communication alive! We all know marriages are a lot of work. It can take years to build a strong deep connection. 

Young Couple


Working with Jamie was like a breath of fresh air. Her program is organized and strategically put together to keep you accountable and see results within the first couple of weeks. With Jamie’s knowledge and positive encouragement she gave us hope in our journey with infertility. Her added humor during our sessions turned potentially uncomfortable topics into pleasant conversations.  Jamie’s approach to making this program a team effort by both husband and wife has blessed our marriage. We praise God for introducing us to Jamie and allowing her to be part of our journey.

Mitch & Lisa M.


Passionate Relationship Coach

For FOUR years, my husband and I dreamed to welcome a baby into our arms. We, like you, were part of the 1 in 8 of couples who struggle with infertility. If you would have asked me at that time, I was the ONLY one who couldn't have a baby. I never believed this dream would come true. I began to lose hope and doubt who I was as a wife. I had thoughts that my husband would be better off with another woman who could give him the children he desired. At that time I had no clue where my journey would end up.​ Through these years our marriage was pushed to the limits. Debt, frustration, and anger were ripping us a part.

Through this journey I found my new calling in life... to an advocate to marriages that are struggling with tough issues like illness and infertility. No infertility journey is the same. Having gone through this myself I know where you are, I know your emotions, I know the impact it has on your self worth, and I know what it's like to just have had enough. I educate couples with tools have that will shed a new light and hope to the marriage. 

I can't wait to become a part of YOUR journey! - Jamie